Abiocon Comercial Ltda is a company in the medical hospital segment. Founded in March 2009, with activities of import, commercialization, representation and distribution of several lines of products of surgical use for companies and hospitals within the Brazilian market. Demonstrating strong growth in the market for pacemakers, cardiac surgeries, Maxillofacial Facial, and Electrophysiology, counting on a professional staff with technical ability and knowledge in the area that acts. The main suppliers of TIANJIN PLASTICS, LTD, BOSTON SCIENTIFIC, CIRCA, LIVERA NEW (GRUPO SORIN), MEDOS, ZAMMI, MDT and INSIGHTRA which act as real partners and the general knowledge of its partners in different areas of the market, accumulated through more than 30 years of experience dedicated to the hospital medical doctor. Possessing a record in all inspection agencies of the Municipality, State, Federal, ANVISA operating permit and Health Watch of the Municipal Vigilance CERTIFICATE OF GOOD PRACTICES AND STORAGE.

Aiming to bring to hospital medical market a service of excellence and quality, developed daily the desire to be better in everything we undertake with professionalism and enthusiasm.

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Circa Temperature Display

Circa Temperature

The CIRCA temperature display is indicated to display the continuous temperature measurement (°C) of the...

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Esophageal Temperature


The esophageal temperature probe is intended for continuous temperature monitoring. The radiopaque probe is designed...

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Sorin Oxygen


The device is beneficial for adults who have a long-term process with 5 days of validation. The adult eccentric oxygenator...

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Medos Oxygener


The HILITE ® Medos membrane oxygenator in polypropylene hollow capillary fibers allows high efficiency in the control...

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